Chris Daly

A progressive primary for District 6

Heading into the first open-seat race in District 6 in 10 years, we have to take care to not become victims of our own success

By Supervisor Chris Daly

OPINION Ten years ago, the newly drawn District 6 (which includes the Tenderloin, South of Market, and North Mission) was thought to be politically up for grabs. With an aggressive grassroots campaign and a progressive sweep across the city, we won the seat. Despite small demographic shifts to the right over the years, we've built a clear progressive identity for our district. Community stakeholders and all of progressive San Francisco should be proud of this accomplishment. Read more »

No balance in two-year budget

A two-year budget would make the Mayor's Office even more insulated from the public and members of the board on the decisions that affect us the most.

OPINION There's no more important decision made by the Board of Supervisors than that of the city's annual budget. Every year the board sets the city's priorities by appropriating more than $6 billion. In good economic times, the board uses the budget process to set new policy directions for San Francisco. In bad times, the annual budget is the board's only real chance to save vital services by making targeted appropriations while strategically reducing other parts of the budget.

That's why a charter amendment to have only biannual budgeting is a bad idea.Read more »

We stand with Carole Migden

Few politicians who have risen as high in the establishment food chain as Carole Migden have done so retaining a willingness to fight for the underdog.

OPINION As longtime fans of the Guardian and as allies in almost every fight, including the struggles for public power, affordable housing, people-focused land use policy, and clean and open government, we do not like finding ourselves on the opposite side of an issue as important as this year's state Senate race. Read more »

Why I'm with Carole Migden

Leno-Migden Senate challenge distracts from mayoral race

OPINION With the election on the horizon, declared candidates have hired their campaign consultants, tested the field with expensive polls, and hit the city's political club circuit hoping to lock up early endorsements. Unfortunately, the race getting the bulk of the attention is not San Francisco's political watermark, November's mayoral contest. It's not even the new super-duper Tuesday presidential primary in February. Read more »

This November, let's fix Muni

Early in the Gavin Newsom administration, Muni service quickly began to deteriorate

OPINION In 2007 quality public transportation is not just a hallmark of a world-class city; it's our best defense against global warming. In a state where half of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from mobile sources, we have to provide people the real choice to get out of their cars and onto public transit.Read more »