Calvin Welch

RENE CAZENAVE, 1941-2010

A special genius in raising funds for the creation of a community controlled infrastructure, empowering residents of low-income neighborhoods


Rene M. Cazenave died at home June 27 in the company of his wife, Sylvie, and sister, Denise. He is also survived by his son, Lucien, and two-week-old granddaughter, Drew. He was 69.Read more »

A new New Deal for San Francisco

San Francisco is no longer the employment center of the Bay Area, but the high-end bedroom of a commuting workforce based outside the city


OPINION On Thursday and Friday, July 8 and 9, San Franciscans concerned about the future of their city will have a unique opportunity to devise practical, locally actionable proposals to shape and direct future policy affecting the local economy and the provision of critical human services.Read more »

Newsom's problem with affordable housing

The fact that Newsom has paid no political price for his continuous opposition is stunning

OPINION No mayor in modern San Francisco history has opposed more affordable-housing initiatives than Gavin Newsom. It's time to make him pay the political price.

Newsom is the primary foe of Proposition B, which would create an affordable-housing fund in the city's budget. Read more »

Vote early and often: yes on A, no on H

Warming globally; acting locally

OPINION The mainstream media talking heads like to claim that everything changed after Sept. 11. Like most of the slogans of the MSM, this is nonsense; events in Iraq continue to reveal just how stuck on pre– Sept. 11 assumptions the current national political class remains. In that sense, Sept. 11 has changed nothing.

What will really change everything is the expanding awareness of global warming and of the central role played by the automobile in climate change. Read more »

Eugene Prince Coleman, 1937–2007

Ma advocate was a friend to us all

Eugene Prince Coleman died Oct. 26, surrounded by his family, after losing a battle against pancreatic cancer. It was one of the few fights that he lost in his long and memorable life in San Francisco.

Born in Mississippi 70 years ago and raised in Cleveland, Coleman came to San Francisco in 1972 and, like many in that decade, found a home in the city. He never left — and never, ever quit working to make it better.

Coleman was one of the creators of modern, tolerant, progressive San Francisco. Read more »

The truth about housing money

Care Not Cash was supposed to pay for itself

OPINION Just as in war, in 2007 San Francisco budget politics, truth is the first casualty.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the assertions by Gavin Newsom's campaign minions that the mayor's current budget proposal contains a $217.5 million city investment in affordable housing.

The purpose of these claims is to imply that Newsom has voluntarily allocated local tax dollars for this critical need — and that no more should be spent on affordable housing, especially some $10 million for lower-income rental housing production for families with children proposed by Supervi Read more »

The risk of honest planning


OPINION At the Nov. 1 meeting of the land use committee of the Board of Supervisors, a seemingly straightforward statement of policy will be heard. It simply requires that the city apply its own General Plan guidelines to future development in the eastern neighborhoods.
But the legislation, proposed by Supervisors Sophie Maxwell, Jake McGoldrick, Aaron Peskin, and Tom Ammiano, is creating quite a furor. A senior planning official has testified that if it's adopted, the entire development boom in the eastern neighborhoods may be halted. Read more »