Caitlin Donohue

Hospitable pectorals

Hire the Bare Bachelors for PG-13 shock value and tasty cocktails


SEX The clan I had assembled that day in my living room had little idea what was in store for them.

"So they're strippers?" one of my friends hoped, fingering their tumbler of champagne.

"Not strippers, they're sexy butlers. Same tipping rules," I said. "They'll serve drinks and do icebreakers." "Oh."Read more »

"It just gets different": Ali Liebegott on her third book 'Cha-Ching!'


When you've spent long, smelly months in a bus traveling the world sharing words with pockets of alternative community, the issue of place takes the fore. As she releases her third book Cha-Ching!, and as her decades-old Sister Spit collective embarks upon yet another tour of spoken word, queer revelry, and cramped living conditions, author Ali Liebegott is getting academic about it. Read more »

Mr. Marina steals our hearts


I couldn't get a goddamn one of my friends to go with me to the triumphant return of the Mr. Marina pageant, held for the first time this year at that mecca of San Francisco nightlife Ruby Skye. Fools! Luckily, one of them did volunteer their preppy friend Johnny, who picked me up in a Beamer, bought my drinks for the night, wore a seersucker blazer, and after the pageantry was done brought me to an after-party at Ottimista Enoteca where multiple Mr. Marina runners-up were in attendance.

It was basically the perfect evening and my favorite contestant won the damn thing. As he said in our exclusive dressing room interview shortly before recieving his trophy and ceremonial Mr. Marina sash, "you gotta come hang out with guys like us." Read more »

Art: It's like money in the bank


The panic that grips you in those moments when you need to open a new checking account, but really needed a double shot of espresso are over. Yes, my moneyed mates, greetings and welcomes to the Financial District's somewhat recently opened Capital One 360 Cafe.

Within the gleaming walls, one can perform banking transactions and caffiene transactions with well trained bank staff-baristas. You can plan ahead and reserve a workspace at which you will enjoy free WiFi thanks to corporate America's largess. And for a limited time on those gleaming walls, you can enjoy artist Nick Mancilla's commentary on the transience of wealth while you bask in the endless future of your own, unfurling before you like a expensive, woven, cheerful, infinite Stars and Stripes. Read more »

Hot sexy events: Getting (a?)head in the boardroom


I've been reading Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg's new book Lean In recently, which despite its rather class-specific advice and observations is a really great look at why we don't have enough women in power positions. (Hint, sexism.)

Sandberg is great on suggesting ways to circumvent the internalized patriarchy that we carry around with us, but a workshop that is taking place this evening (Wed/20) hosted by BDSM educators Society of Janus and instructor Beatrice Stonebanks takes another tack. In "Corporate Dominatrix Training 101," attendees will learn how to harness sexual tension and turn it to an advantage in officeplace dealings. Read more »

Wartime fashion


STREET SEEN The St. Patrick's Day drunk bus cruising down Howard Street last Saturday didn't quite know what to make of the group striking martial poses on the sidewalk in front of the Cartoon Art Museum.Read more »

Babetown, population 2403

Suicide Girls pay us a call, third coffee table book in tow


SEX Maybe Selena "Missy Suicide" Mooney's description of the erotic media empire she's built is a little simplistic: "We did it in a way that women could find sexy, because I started it and I'm a girl and I didn't want it to be completely gross to me."Read more »

On the Cheap listings


Submit items for the listings at For further information on how to submit items for the listings, see Picks.

WEDNESDAY 20Read more »

Spring's best fairs and festivals

Our picks for top food, fragrance, and general outdoor revelry this season


Corn Dog Day (March 23, free entry with RSVP. SoMa StrEat Food Park, SF) Observe this very important holiday with savory dogs from SoMa's superb outdoor food truck court and catch the game while you're at it — the first weekend of March Madness will be showing on several screens around this gourmand parking lot. Sponsored by that online encyclopedia of awesome, FunCheapSF. more »

There was no rape episode on 'Leave It To Beaver' [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Kershner has added this addendum to the piece

 Some people seem to have misunderstood my point. Mays presented himself to adults far differently than to his friends. I used a TV character many people would remember to illustrate the insincerity of his text to the victim’s father. The string of text messages linked below amply demonstrates how abominably he acted toward the victim, who deserves everyone’s support.

Unfortunately, the use of that character as reference is entirely in keeping with the rest of the media's apparent tendency to recast the rapes as youthful indiscretions. What was Eddie Haskell's most egregious crime? Anyway, poor choice of metaphor, blog post stands. 


I'll tell you how not to start your morning: like I did. I crushed my soul catching up on the Steubenville rape case. While still in bed. Really dumb. Read more »