Alejandro Murgía

Immigrants -- or refugees?

Latin Dish: Words matter, and we're using the wrong one


LATIN DISH Whenever politicians start talking immigration reform it always reminds me of the story—perhaps chisme—about that guy, who, you know, burned his neighbor's house down, and then when the neighbors jumped over the fence to escape the fire, he complained bitterly, just bitterly, that they were trampling his rose garden.

It's the same with the pejoratives "illegal alien," or in a kinder mood "undocumented worker." Both of these terms, like the phrase "immigration reform," are tricks with words to hide the true status of this unique community.Read more »

The Latin dish

Politics con salsa


San Francisco is a literate community, always has been. Bookstores abound, perhaps not as much as bars, but that's fish for another soup. The literary scene is uber-vibrant, as highlighted by the recent Litquake Festival with more than 800 writers reading in hundreds of venues.Read more »