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Tenant proposals and Guardian forum address eviction crisis; Students fight suspensions; Techies to NSA: Stop spying!

Tenant advocates rally Oct. 24 on the steps of City Hall.
Mike Koozmin/SF Print Media Co.

Longtime progressive activist Ernestine Weiss sat in the front row during the forum, blasting Colen and his Prop. B as a deceptive land grab and arguing that San Francisco's much ballyhooed rent control law was a loophole-ridden compromise that should be strengthened to prevent rents from jumping to market rate when a master tenant moves out, and to limit rent increases that exceed wage increases (rent can now rise 1.9 percent annually on rent controlled apartment).

"That's baloney that it's rent control!" she told the crowd. (Steven T. Jones)

Students fight suspensions targeting young people of color

Sagging pants, hats worn indoors, or having a really bad day — the list of infractions that can get a student suspended from a San Francisco Unified School District school sounds like the daily life of a teenager. The technical term for it is "willful defiance," and there are so many suspensions made in its name that a student movement has risen up against it.

The punishment is the first step to derailing a child's education, opponents said.

Student activists recognize the familiar path from suspensions to the streets to prisons, and they took to the streets Oct. 22 to push the SFUSD to change its ways. Around 20 or so students and their mentors marched up to City Hall and into the Board of Education to demand a stop of suspensions over willful defiance.

A quarter of all suspensions in SFUSD for the 2011-12 school year were made for "disruption or defiance," according to the California Department of Education. Half of all suspensions in the state were for defiance.

When a student is willfully defiant and suspended, it's seen as a downward spiral as students are pushed out of school and onto the streets, edging that much closer to a life of crime.

"What do we want? COLLEGE! What are we gonna do? WORK HARD!" the students shouted as they marched to the Board of Education's meeting room, on Franklin Street.

They were dressed in graduation gowns of many colors, signs raised high. They smiled and danced and the mood was infectious. One driver drove by, honked and said "Yes, alright!" Assorted passersby of all ethnicities cheered on the group. The students were from 100% College Prep Institute, a Bayview tutoring and mentoring group founded in 1999 aiming to educate students of color in San Francisco. Their battle is a tough one. Though African American students make up only 10 percent of SFUSD students, they accounted for 46 percent of suspensions in 2012, according to SFUSD data. Latinos made up the next largest group, at 30 percent. (Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez)

Techies to NSA: Stop spying on us!


TIC formations are not a sub-division and they are not a change of use. They are merely a form of ownership subject to State law.

Bierman tried something similar in 2000 and the courts bounced the whole thing.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 29, 2013 @ 4:35 pm

force TIC formations to go through the full condo conversion process. That would be ironic now that condo conversions are no longer possible (for probably another 15 years anyway).

This idea takes some of the processes of the condo conversion, e.g. the DBI approvals, and tries to insert them piecemeal into a TIC formation.

Won't work. If two non-married people buy a SFH, they often choose to own it as a TIC. That will look no different on paper from a full-blown TIC. There is no real way for the city to determine from a title document what is happening underneath.

Smacks of desperation to me. The focus instead should bo on offering help to evictees to find a new place.

Posted by anon on Oct. 30, 2013 @ 6:35 am

He has started talking about giving landlords "incentives" not to Ellis.

A smarter option that trying to mess with State law.

Posted by Guest on Nov. 04, 2013 @ 4:30 pm

The U.S. not only promotes Neo-liberal values that choose winners and losers, but also who is to be homeless. San Francisco Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi is spot-on to say that “ … expansion of city services ot the displaced,” is essential. Otherwise, solve the Neo-liberal unfettered market problems.

Posted by Awayneramsey on Oct. 30, 2013 @ 1:45 pm

All politicians can do, if anything, is tinker around the edges.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 30, 2013 @ 1:58 pm
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