Vanishing city - Page 5

Up against intense market pressure, longtime residents and community projects fade from SF

Esperanza gardeners (left to right): Gabriel Fraley, Maria Fernanda Valecillos, Alana Corpuz, Veronica Ramirez, Jonathan Youtt

Collective member Lex Non Scripta described the collective's community as "politically radical, rabble-rousing activists, artists, and a variety of just total weirdos." But a lot of them "just can't afford to be in San Francisco anymore," they went on, singing a familiar tune. "There's just been a huge shift over to the East Bay."

On May 16, the bookstore held a town hall meeting with supporters to hash out possible future scenarios. "We don't want to close. We're all very attached to it," they said. But at the same time, "we want a more sustainable model, and it's hard to figure out what it looks like for books."

The future of Modern Times remains unclear, and Non Scripta chalked it up to this: "Capitalism and community don't really mix well."