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For $26, I gained 2,500 followers -- and you can, too! Adventures in being fake popular on Twitter

Donohue's Twitter profile, with newly perky follower count thanks to a $26 investment in fake relevance

CAREERS AND ED I bought my friends. For 2,500 of them, I paid $26 — and you can do it too.

It bore reflection one day last month: Why does New York journalist-party disaster Cat Marnell have 20,000 more Twitter followers than me? Her quote about quitting her xoJane editorship to do angel dust was gold, but still.

In a world where relevancy is determined by your profile stats, I'm not alone in this, surely. No matter how much time some of us spend hashtagging, cross-linking, shouting-out, one never has as much social networking impact as one would like. Twitter baffles me sometime.

Thankfully, we live in a world where these perceived inadequacies can be dispersed with the click of a mouse.

Welcome to the business of paying for Internet followers. Spend five seconds on a quick Google search (try "buy Twitter followers," for example) and like Jezebel posts on insensitive media trends, they will appear: firms that contract with overseas programmers who spend their days creating fake online profiles, or bots, that can be summoned to announce their proclivities for anyone willing to brave this ethical gray space. Fake Internet celebrity, if that's not too redundant a term.

These fakeries are the cheapest thing you can buy in this world. My mouse hovered over the button on a site called Intertwitter: really 2,500 for $26? Hell yes — wisdom of handing over one's credit card information to a person who creates fake Internet profiles be damned.

It would take three to five business days, said the site, for my newfound flocks to assemble. Biding time until relevance, I reached out to several of the fake follower companies, hoping that they'd share a little with me about the business of fake friends. Somewhat to my surprise, most were polite and forthcoming about their mission.

The vice president of my benevolent friend-finder Intertwitter, Armani Prescott, assured me that the business of fake friends attracts all kinds of Internet entities, "from oil sheiks in Dubai to small mom-and-pop operations in West Virginia," he wrote me in an email. "Celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, start up companies, and just average, ordinary people" use his services. It has to do with search engine optimization, he said, but also just with creating confidence in whomever's browsing your profile.

And, real talk: "People use our services for all kinds of reasons including brand impact," Prescott told me. "But also just because they want to have more [followers] than their friends."


Over the course of 24 hours on July 21 of last year, perpetually robot-faced presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked up almost 117,000 Twitter followers. The campaign's sole tweet from that day was a link to a contest whose winner would join Mittens for a day on the road to the White House — hardly a revolutionary breakout for a social media campaign whose last follower increase of that size had taken roughly a month to accrue.

Of course, the uptick was fake. Romney's campaign denied buying the fake followers, but if people really gauge worth by perceived Internet influence, the incident could be a sign of the darker side of buying Internet popularity. President Obama's rockstar Twitter account (which at 25.5 million adherents is one of the top most followed accounts on the site, as compared to the now-defunct Romney account's paltry 1.6 million) could have an even higher percentage of bot followers than his 2012 campaign opponent, some researchers have found.


Can someone please explain to me what VALUE or PRODUCT social networking produces? Who benefits besides businessmen? More specifically, when will there be a "Twitter Revolution" in this country?

Posted by Joseph Thomas on Jan. 11, 2013 @ 8:14 am

To make followers we use,social media tools make it very easy to polish in on exactly the right contacts. Once you have your companies listed, go directly to LinkedIn and see if the company has a page. If it does, you could hit the jackpot. LinkedIn will show you your immediate contacts that have ties to the company as well as the second-degree connections you may ask for introductions. Additionally, it will highlight how many employees that organization has on LinkedIn. Click through your second-degree contacts list to see who connects you to the people you want to meet, and choose your closest contacts and those you think are most likely to have a strong connection with your target audience. Then, proceed to ask your friend to make introduction.

Posted by David villa on Jan. 14, 2013 @ 12:28 am

You may also use third party tools to get statistics
about your Instagram photos. Certain creative and
fast-moving businesses have already opted to go in for this
platform. You may also use Instagram to check as to what the other firms
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They effectively use this free ware so as to provide an effective marketing platform.
These brands utilize Instagram and provide visual storytelling.

Starbucks, MTV, Audi, Red Bull and General Electric are some of them.

Posted by buy instagram followers on Nov. 07, 2013 @ 11:36 am

Right, business. But do we really need MyFace or SpaceBook to "keep in touch" with Aunt Mildred? How about a letter, phone call, or email, none of which involve subjecting oneself or the recipient to unsolicited advertising?

Posted by Joseph Thomas on Jan. 16, 2013 @ 5:21 pm

In today's business globe, things are transforming quicker than ever. While some individuals assume that the sturdy make it through, that is not totally accurate. When it boils down to it, flourishing is about your potential to alter. In shorts, nothing is a lot more crucial compared to social media marketing. This supplies a completely unique strategy to advertising. Several principles have transformed, but some of them are the same. You may want to attempt to be patient and make a social networks advertising and marketing plan that will certainly match your particular needs as a firm.

Posted by George on Oct. 25, 2013 @ 9:00 am

Get real and active fans from smart facebook likes

Posted by Guest on Oct. 25, 2013 @ 9:04 am

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