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'Stache Francisco


Once many gay men got over their fear of anything AIDS-era related in the 2000s, they brought back the mustache, and disco, with the expected homosexual flair for all things fussy yet manly. The hipsters caught wind, and here we are in 2012, our dandified gentry sporting ever-more baroque versions of the handlebar while delving into the hyperlocal, the hypersocial, the hyperorganic, and the hyperhairy. The tech people even put a pink one on their chauffeurs' cars. Once again mustaches rule the scene. As if we ever didn't!

When he's not flashmob-foraging for native copper wire and silicon chips, Curly runs the San Francisco Pop-Up Chamber of Commerce's Twitter feed, located inside the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce's Twitter feed on one random Tuesday every month. (Follow on Facebook for details.) He once got stuck in a Dungeness crab claw for several delicious hours.

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