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Mayor Lee and his new trustee say they support City College -- but they aren't helping the district raise money

City College of San Francisco has so far received only rhetorical support for its well-financed new Trustee Rodrigo Santos.

Santos didn't mention Prop. A during the press conference that followed his swearing in, instead offering vague platitudes and promises that he's willing to work hard and make tough decisions, while also making some puzzling statements about the district's current situation.

"We must support the interim chancellor, Pamila Fisher," he said. "Our primary duty is to ensure she enjoys the support and tools needed to implement difficult reforms. At the same time, we will hold her accountable, we will help her, we will challenge her."

He appeared unaware that Fisher's tenure ends in just a few weeks, well before any reforms could possibly be approved or implemented.

Some Prop. A supporters are hoping Santos will also challenge his allies in the business community to open their wallets and support both Prop. A and ongoing operations at City College.

"It would be great for the businesses to step up in a big way because they are really benefiting from our workforce training programs," Messer said. "It's clear to me the business community understands how important City College is to this city."

Now, City College's biggest supporters say it's time for the city and the business community to put their money where their mouths are.

"City College certainly gives back to the people of San Francisco," Rizzo said, "and it's time for the city to give back to City College."


I've witnessed John Rizzo walk out of crucial CCSF Board of Trustee meetings to attend District 5 Supervisorial debates. John Rizzo is the President of the CCSF Board of Trustees so given his on conduct for him to comment on anyone else's commitment or efforts to save City College is outrageous & hypocritical. I suggest John Rizzo look at himself before casting aspersions on other Board members & the Mayor's office.

Posted by Guest on Sep. 12, 2012 @ 8:03 am

Give more public dollars to the Natalie Berg majority on the CCSF Board bolstered by Santos' appointment which oversaw ongoing criminal conduct on the part of Day's administration?

I don't think that giving these people more money will translate into fiscal solvency for CCSF. It will, however, make fiscally solvent Berg's Forest City Development group and Santos' CRG scam just like Berg did with Day way back when.

Remove the corrupt officials and we can talk about more resources. But I'm not prepared to throw more good money after bad to enrich the corrupt elites and provide nothing for students.

Posted by marcos on Sep. 12, 2012 @ 11:03 am

We should be investing in the best institutions, not the worst ones. Let it wither on the vine - No on A.

Posted by Guest on Sep. 12, 2012 @ 11:21 am

John Rizzo has been part of the problem at CCSF. The CCSF Board, led by Board President Rizzo, voted based on politics and not on the best interest of CCSF. They kept a daycare in Bayview/Hunters Point on the CCSF dole for years even though NO CCSF people were affiliated with it in any way. They keep open the Southeast "campus" even though it is hard to get students to enroll in classes there. They tried to micromanage the English dept curriculum and told the English teachers that they did not care about student success. The Board repeatedly shows up unprepared for meetings (not having read the documentation provided for them before meetings). They do not seem to understand the issues that CCSF is facing. They had to have "Student Learning Outcomes" explained to them at a meeting many weeks after the Accreditation report came out. One would think that competent Board members would read the report and at least ask someone what those were when so much of the report was about SLOs. They do not understand the first thing about state Ed Code or how a community college should work. Under Rizzo as Board President, they have appointed bad administrators based on either political views, or their gut feelings, ignoring the advice of the hiring committee.

Rizzo should not be supervisor, although if he is elected, CCSF will benefit.

Posted by Guest on Sep. 29, 2012 @ 9:53 am

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