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New works by Minna Harri and Christine Bonansea at the Garage

Minna Harri in Dead/Alive.

Dead/Alive's origins reach back to an idea she first had three or four years ago.

"Maybe it's more an aesthetic nostalgia that has been the thing for me," says Harri, considering the matter. "I think an important part of what has influenced me is nature, the Finnish seasons. There, all four seasons are very stark. You live for the summer, which is a few months, and every fall is like dying. The birds fly away, and you know it's going to be eight, nine months before they come back. The winter is dark. And when the spring comes, it's wonderful because the sun comes out — but then the light is so harsh that you see every dog shit that comes out of the melting snow, and every speck of dust inside. The most suicides happen in April."



Fri/24-Sat/25, 8 p.m., $15


975 Howard, SF

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