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Why be sober when you can sparkle?

Kick off your day with a kick: Axis Cafe's spiced Alexander, perfect for fireside boozing


This downtown Oakland breakfast spot has the brunch drink for when you're looking to kick off your free day with some heat. As all those who have ventured south of the border will recall, the michelada is a bloody mary gone Mexican, the dreaded red beers (lager and tomato juice) of your college days gone festive. Crisp Corona, lime, and Cock-A-Doodle's house bloody mary mix await you, served in a huge salt-and-chile-rimmed glass that's ready to baila contigo.

719 Washington, Oakl. (510) 465-5400 www.cockadoodlecafe.com



The Buena Vista's Irish coffee story is frequently repeated by a certain faction of Bay Area folks. It is said, usually after the storyteller has downed a few, that this Fisherman's Wharf bar was the first to perfect the drink on this side of the Atlantic. The Buena Vista's Irish coffee is a proprietary mix of Irish whiskey, hot joe, and frothy cream — and although a friend of ours once wisely told us never to mix our uppers with our downers, to her we say: welcome to brunch drinks.

2765 Hyde, SF. (415) 474-5044 www.thebuenavista.com


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