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The Guardian staff's favorite hangover remedies

Bean Bag Cafe

1399 Church, SF. (415) 648-4116



The agony of brunch, since it allows for judgment-free consumption of lunch dishes or breakfast dishes, means having to choose between savory or sweet, sandwich or omelet, salad or hash browns. Ten minutes alone can be devoted to the age-old question of pancake or eggs benedict? Coffee or cocktail? Pancake or ... This is where Chow ends the cycle of neurosis. At Chow, you can order one egg benedict and one pancake, accompanied by one cup of coffee and one wine mojito. Plus, Chow has two pancakes without peer: the blueberry with warm blueberry sauce and mascarpone cheese, and Marion's ricotta pancake with lemon. Get one of each! Of course, if you want the chilaquiles or a cheesy scramble, Chow will happily oblige. Watch them start to emit a soft, warm glow when paired with a blushing bellini. (Diane Sussman)

212 Church and 1245 Ninth Ave. 415-552-2469; 415-665-9912, www.chowfoodbar.com



It's Saturday morning-slipping-toward-noon, and there are few reasons to expend the effort to pick your fuzzball head up off the pillow it dropped onto in the after-party wee hours. Curled in your cocoon, there is but one comforting thought: breakfast! Few places can revive the soul and satisfy the belly as proficiently as Homemade Café. You'd be wise to choose the spinach, mushroom, and feta omelet. Sweet or spicy is a tough choice, though, since there are spectacularly fluffy blueberry pancakes to be had as well. It's crucial that you remember this magical phrase: "Upgrade to Home-Fry Heaven." They'll arrive smothered in cheese, salsa, sour cream, and a choice of guacamole or pesto. You will feel alive again — at least until naptime. (Rebecca Bowe)

2454 Sacramento, Berk. (510) 845-1940



I love Lime. Not just because it offers a pretty good assortment of belly-filling foodstuffs on Sunday mornings or the hip and lively atmosphere — but because of the bottomless mimosas and bloody marys. Now, I could try to compare Lime's eggs benedict to others I've eaten, but why bother? There are bottomless fucking mimosas and bloody marys, people! Who cares about the food when I can get stupid drunk with my friends at 11 a.m.? In fact, I can't recall a time when we weren't asked to leave, albeit very nicely by the wait staff. Just be careful, those drinks will knock you on your ass and give you a hangover by 4 p.m. Guaranteed. (Ben Hopfer)

2247 Market St., SF. 415.621.5256, www.lime-sf.com



Lynn and Lu, I heart you. Snag a quaint table under an umbrella on Grand Avenue or find a spot on the back patio for a beautiful sunny brunch. The morning portions are fat, happy, and classic. Three-egg omelets come bursting with your filler of choice and arrive sitting next to a pile of yummy roasted potatoes. Those with stomachs bigger than their eyes will be relieved to see that the Escapade frittatas look more like a crowd-pleasing tower of peppers, veggies, and eggs than a paltry single serving — everyone will waddle away with a smile. The service is fabulous, the price is just right, and the food comes quick enough to whisk away any dream-soaked cobwebs. (Amber Schadewald)

3353 Grand Ave, Oakland, 510-835-5705



Weekend celebrations can come with a hangover that often might require specialist food therapy that can easily be satisfied by an array of establishments serving dishes that are long associated with term "brunch."

But surely it would be possible to have your recommendations for brunch presented without the prerequisite bovine lactation, battery egg, sugar, mercury tuna, factory farm, refined flour formula that to many of us feels like an offering of swill from the dark ages.

All these recommendations without as much as a nod to the fossil fuel, global warming and corporate origins of these recipes when there are other venues doing the work to serve food that wont eventually make us all sick to our collective stomachs.

How about letting these "brunch" establishments continue without recommendation and focus on the venues that promote sustainability and an end to corporate destruction of our environment and economy.

The green movement should be more that a source of stories "out there" that can be fed to readers who are looking for a moral ax to grind.

BayGuardian, when it comes to day to day (or three times a day!) activities... how about an approach other than: "ahem, green is a good idea, but dont mess with my stuff."

Posted by Guest on Apr. 27, 2010 @ 9:49 am

Obviously you're itching for a response, so here it is. My criterion as editor for Feast is to direct people to worthy local businesses -- which are much less environmentally destructive than chains, and, yes, more likely to pay attention to where they source ingredients. I first challenge you to please point out what restaurants above, exactly, force upon you "the prerequisite bovine lactation, battery egg, sugar, mercury tuna, factory farm, refined flour formula that to many of us feels like an offering of swill from the dark ages" any more than the already-low average offering to be found anywhere in the city. (In fact, many places like Cafe Du Soleil and Bean Bag utlilize organic sources.)

Secondly, I request that you offer 10 brunch places that fit you rigorous standards, while also helping me not barf when I'm hung.

And third, I ask that you please stop using a computer or farting. You're ruining the earth!

Seriously, though, we go out of our way at all times to promote venues of sustainability -- perhaps you missed the huge article in this issue listing dozens of urban farming resources?


or our list of cocktails that use locally grown vegetables and (mostly) locally brewed, small batch spirits?


I think going on a full-blown attack based on a fun and harmless article that helps sustain and promote local businesses is a little narrow-minded. Worse, it's humorless. And I will not stand for humorlessness before breakfast.

Posted by marke on Apr. 27, 2010 @ 10:21 am

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