The good, the bad, and the fence-sitters

Our Board of Supervisors Good Vote Guide

The Guardian has been periodically producing the Board of Supervisors' Good Vote Guide for many years, tracking where our elected representatives come down on important issues. And unlike a similar poll recently put out by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, which chose 10 votes designed to promote deregulating and subsidizing big businesses, we chose items important to the broad public interest.

The 20 votes we selected this time reflect our concerns for protecting tenants, funding vital public services, safeguarding civil liberties, promoting small businesses and nonprofits, appointing qualified people to commissions, and valuing the environment more than "green" press releases and corporate profits.

To view our guide (PDF), please click here


After having provided public service in the crucial area of critical incidents as a crisis responder for six years, I have been told by the City's workers' comp insurance carrier (it's self-insured) that my mental stress injury was caused by a single incident of my seeing a friend (SF Sheriff's Dept employee) severely disabled from stress that caused her to have an anneurism. Through their QME, they are saying the various symptoms I've displayed -- which are more consistent with sympathetic trauma, vicarious trauma, stress-affected adrenal gland -- and manifests itself via PTSD, severe depression, severe anxiety and hypertension (PCP's diagnosis) are 51% caused NOT BY MY JOB and therefore, my claim was DENIED any workers' comp benefits not paid. Yet, they (the City) has offered to settle first for $65K, then for $75K. The judge says my case is worth $100K. But, my attorney (Marina Ramos-Wynn) says it's ALL or NOTHING and if I go to trial and lose, I get NOTHING! Meanwhile, DPH gets off scott free after not providing mental health counseling or debriefings, knowing the affects of me doing my job without them! THIS IS UNFAIR and I feel in retaliation for exercising rights to free speech, etc. Their QME had earlier admitted 100% industrial as far as the PTSD, but has since retracked it after being deposed. I was also deposed by the City Attorney, who I opposed in a speech at City Hall at a demonstration against Gang Injunctions. I was a member of the African-American Community Police Relations Board. During the same speech, I talked about the racism that is prevalent at DPH, who did not inform me of entitlement to Long Term Disability benefits for 1.5 years after I was removed from work by my doctor and caused me to nearly be evicted from my home and my car to be repossessed. I lived on an income of ZERO for some time because of it and reduced to applying for GA and food stamps!

Posted by Guest on Jun. 16, 2010 @ 11:56 am

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