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They're already the Dead C, New Zealand's unsung free-rockers

"But we never, ever practice them."

This back catalog is becoming more available thanks to Ba Da Bing, their US label for the past few years, which will be reissuing DR503 and 1989's Eusa Kills (Flying Nun) on vinyl. The band is, according to Russell, also hoping to reissue its pre-1990 work next year (working title: Complete '80s Reality). Immediately available, however, is the tour-only 12-inch, which includes recent live recordings, and gives an added incentive to check 'em out this week.

Why not? It's hard not to be charmed by their passive-aggressive, cavalier mode of operation. "We just do what we do and dare people to ignore it," Russell offered. "Which they duly do, and we could not care less."


With Six Organs of Admittance

Thurs/16, 8 p.m., $20

Great American Music Hall

859 O'Farrell, SF

(415) 885-0750

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