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Comics and openers: The Ten Cent Plague and Uncredited

Uncredited's latter chapters right those wrongs committed by the film industry by exploring the efforts of Otto Preminger's and Alfred Hitchcock's frequent partner-in-design Saul Bass (probably the only credit specialist to receive exhibition and monograph showcases) and his wife Elaine, as well as Jean Fouchet (an influence on Jacques Demy?), Pablo Nuñez (who created the credits for Victor Erice's 1973 The Spirit of the Beehive), Dan Perri, and others. A climactic section about current trends displays work that uniformly pales in comparison to the work by Arcady, Fernand Léger, and especially Mary Ellen Bute and Jean-Luc Godard in a central chapter devoted to concepts. Uncredited is lavishly, gorgeously illustrated (complete with a DVD) and playfully designed. There are errors galore in the informative text though — a sharper editorial eye was needed. And who exactly is that mysterious "QT" who seems to have provided captions for a number of the illustrations? (Johnny Ray Huston)


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