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I think you're right to rank your general mental health above your sex life, but then again, a rotten sex life when you used to have a good one is pretty depressing in itself. On top of that, there are armies of people in exactly your situation with no definite fix, so aaaarrrgh.

I've got three semi-half-assed suggestions; I wish I had a better one. The first is patience, since the side effects often wear off with time. The second is Wellbutrin, either alone or in addition, which is the solution for a lot of people, but I fear you may already have tried it. And the third involves getting various degrees of weird. You could apply something or take something to increase clitoral sensitivity (provided you're a girl; you actually didn't say). Maybe a pump or other sensitizing toy? Or Viagra (they still say it doesn't work for women, but many women disagree), or alprostadil if you can track any down? And then there are creams containing L-arginine or some such that purport to aid arousal — and who knows? They probably don't but occasionally appear to. None of these will hurt you (unless contraindicated for some reason; do your homework), and they won't make you more depressed, so what's to lose?

Anyone had any success with other remedies?



Andrea Nemerson teaches sex and communication skills with San Francisco Sex Information. She has been a theater artist, a women's health educator, and a composting instructor, but not at the same time. She is considering offering a workshop on how to have and rear twins without going crazy, since she's currently doing that too.

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