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Des Ark's Aimee Argote has it bad — that's why her band sounds so good

"There's a lot of phenomenal drummers, but in terms of the type of music I wanted to play, I thought we made a good pair."

After considering a move to DC herself, Argote decided to remain in Durham because "it's homegrown and not affected by the labels and popularity contests." She also contemplated whether Des Ark's erstwhile aggressive sound was compensating for qualities lacking in the music. "I think becoming a quiet musician changed the way I perceived space," the vocalist said. "In our culture that's a way people tend to become oppressed, and I struggle with it a lot. When you walk into a club with a six-foot-something guy and you're in a loud band, it's a lot different than walking into a club when you're a five-foot girl with a banjo."

Argote views Des Ark's current sound as a natural progression — the EP's music possesses a certain repose, but the energy remains. Nonetheless, she said that — although she has a small collection of quiet songs she wants to record for her next album — she'd like to throw a rocker or two in.

"It's not like I sit at home and write rockers, 'cause I also like writing quiet ones as well," she said. "When I'm at home and all I have is my piece-of-shit, busted-up, acoustic thing, I pretty much write busted, piece-of-shit acoustic songs as opposed to loud ones." *


With the New Trust and Polar Bears

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