Chain gang

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reissued on a slick new DVD

PRESS PLAY I've reached the point in my sick, sad life where I get urgently flagged e-mails from friends that read like this: "Dude: E! True Hollywood Story: Texas Chainsaw Massacre airs this weekend!" And then I actually write this kind of information down on the nearest calendar. So you can imagine what a chore it was to take a look at Dark Sky Films' brand-new, two-disc "ultimate edition" DVD treatment. Of course, Chainsaw is widely available already (and I'm talking original 1974 version — none of this remake bullshit), but this new edition compiles some preexisting features (trailers, commentary tracks) with a pretty nifty new doc, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth, which covers the film's production and unexpected success (though most involved in its making saw little of its profits) and even dips a flesh-stripped toe into the sequels (fun fact: Bill Moseley was cast in Chainsaw 2 after director Tobe Hooper spotted him in a spoof film, The Texas Chainsaw Manicure). Diehards will be familiar with many of the anecdotes shared, like the arduous conditions that festered during the dinner-table scene; however, I still can't get over the fact that Leatherface's house o' horrors is now the quaint-looking Kingsland Old Town Grill. Two words: road trip! Who's with me? (Cheryl Eddy)

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